A couple of new modules
  • (New 4 channel panning mixer module added)

    Hi there,

    So here a few modules I have been working on. StrModel is a physical modelling oscillator for plucked string sounds, and Vactrol is a low pass gate with adjustable decay and resonance. I have some more modules I'm working on which I will share once they are finished as well. Tested om laptop and iphone, all seems fine here.
    I hope someone finds these as useful as I do.
  • Ty! Will check out these soon and gush accordingly.
  • oh, an LPG! Great.
  • @Xoki you sure you don't mean Vactrol? Just wondering if a Vectrol is some specialized thing on its own.
  • Check out the compressor in Da Boom Bap Kik (it's stereo, near the end, you'll see it, even though that patch is a mess. Mine's modeled off an electroluminescent panel like in an LA-2A
  • Ahh yes you are right. Just updated the module with the typo - ups. I will check your compressor patch, thanks. – I actually used the Karplus Strong algorithm for modelling the vactrol responce on the low pass filter and gate. With moderate decay and low resonance it comes close to the flavour of the lpg's in my rack.
  • Yours is way, way more of a "real" compressor - mines' just metaphorically like the way an LA-2A works electronically (the LA-2A has a fixed attack, mine doesn't), but it's not supposed to be as "good" as an LA-2A. it's merely a quick little, resource cheap tone-shaping tool I wanted to add. Yours is much more "musical" for program material I'm sure.
  • Thanks:) ... It's just modelled to sound similar to my own lpg's that's all. I actually don't know much about how a real vactrol circuit is constructed.
    Here is some more info on it: http://electronicmusic.wikia.com/wiki/Lowpass_gate

    Anyway just shared a simple little 4 channel panning mixer module.
  • @Xoki , nice thank you!
  • Looks like it doesnt work in audulus 2.1, right? only for 3.x?
    i'm interested in low pass gate module, could it be done in old audulus (ashamed to write this, but i decided not to go for new audulus until i ll change my ipad 3 to smth more powerful)?

    if not please record a video of patch with its structure, im interested.
  • I just bought a Pittsburgh Modular low pass gate! I love their sound, and actually made one in Audulus the first week I got it. I still use it for making quick voices because I like the way it sounds, which is pretty close.

    The general idea is to pair volume with a low pass filter which doesn't get too resonant (for general use) and then make a envelope or slew which rises faster than it falls. This is to mimic the Vactrols. You can probably go about this in any number of ways. I posted some screenshots which hopefully have enough annotations to figure out what is going on.
    Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 7.32.44 PM.png
    442 x 331 - 38K
    Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 7.32.11 PM.png
    1640 x 1015 - 358K
    Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 7.32.32 PM.png
    1805 x 707 - 137K
  • Interesting, thanks for pics and explanation! Hope to finally understand it (and then go on trying to make buchla bongos haha)