If you've previously purchased Audulus 2.x, you can still download it.
  • If you've purchased Audulus 2.x you can still find it under the purchases tab in the App Store.

    - Taylor
  • I'll just add my two cents here about upgrading:

    Audulus 3's workflow is literally thousands of times faster with the module library. That's not an exaggeration. I got the idea for the module library because I was sick of having to do the same things over and over to get the nodes up to a "basic functioning level" like the Demux and the Crossfader. The lasso tool? Indispensable for large patches.

    If you designed on Audulus 2 for an hour, you could replicate what you did in Audulus 3 in 10 minutes or less. Surely your time is worth something to you, no? If you like Audulus enough that you still use it, just upgrade to 3. From versions 3+infinity, there will always be some patch here or there that you can use that doesn't include new nodes from version 4, or 5, or 6, etc. The backwards compatibility scheme we've worked up makes that possible. So, really, if you get Audulus 3, it *can* be the last time you ever update Audulus, if you want.

    That said, if you can afford it, and you dig the work Taylor did in 2, it really helps us to upgrade. Think about it: how many analog modules have you bought from the same company? You continuing to buy Audulus = more features, more patches, more fun for everyone.

    Also, you're going to be kicking yourself you didn't upgrade to 3 when the price was low once you see all the 3.X release stuff that is coming out. One feature is already inside Audulus, just hasn't been made available to users. It's a rev-o-lutionary feature, as impressive as the module library itself, and in fact, will exponentially compound the power of the module library.

    Furthermore, if you stick with 2, the only people you can share patches with are other 2 users. It will be a lonely existence, and you basically won't get any more use out of this forum, because none of the patches uploaded will be compatible. If you've considered everything I've said and still would like to stick with 2, perhaps we'll see you again when 4 comes around :)
  • Um, does that mean that Audulus 2 owners don't even qualify for a discount when purchasing Audulus 3? If so, that is a sure-fire way of alienating users and supporters of the product - it is a really bad marketing decision. Or perhaps I am overlooking the upgrade pricing for those who purchased Audulus 2?
  • @bennelong_bicyclist, we did a 50% off upgrade sale for the first week so people could upgrade. Sadly, Apple doesn't offer any way to do upgrade pricing. We would love to do so, but we're sort of stuck here.
  • I purchased Audulus when it first came out and appreciate the improvements made in Audulus 3. It's nice to be appreciated but given the choice I'd rather pay more rather than receive a discount if that means the developer can continue to make improvements to the software I enjoy using especially when the cost of the software seems extremely reasonable even without a discount.

    It is possible to bundle software apps and offer discounts that way, however, if you're removing an app from being sold on the App Store, this won't work. Continuing to sell Audulus 2 just so you can offer a discount to existing Audulus 2 users would really alienate new Audulus users who bought Audulus 2 without realizing it's been superseded by Audulus 3.
  • @Paulinko thanks very much for your support! Yes the bundle thing is a real hack. IIRC you have to keep the old version for sale in at least one country (people pick a small one) for it to work.
  • A sensible approach would be to provide a discount coupon for Audulus on a different platform for existing Audulus 2 owners wishing to upgrade to v3. I would happily pay AUD$46 for Audulus 3 on OS X if, as an early supporter and purchaser of Audulus 1 and 2, I also got a discount coupon for Audulus 3 on iOS. If you're business is selling software, then discounted upgrade paths are the norm, not a special favour, and there are clearly work-arounds for the limitations of the Apple App Store (which I agree, don't make any sense at all). Another works-round would have been to keep the in-app purchases (or at least one purchase) in V3, and then send all upgrading owners a coupon to get the in-app purchase for free. Where there's a will, there's a way.
  • @bennelong_bicyclist I wanted to eliminate the IAPs for other reasons which I laid out in the Synthtopia interview (http://forum.audulus.com/discussion/857/synthtopia-interview#Item_1).

    Also, I didn't learn of the bundle trick until just a couple weeks ago, after releasing Audulus 3. But, as @Paulinko mentioned, if you have to keep the old version on sale, it's not an option, as that would cause confusion.
  • Okay, my dilemma is that I previously purchased Audulus 2x and have not purchased an iPad 3 or greater. Since I took Audulus off of my iPad 2 before the new upgrade now I do not have the option to use Audulus again because earlier versions are no longer available and no longer show up on my list of Purchased Apps. Is there a way to get the earlier version for iPad 2 users who have already purchased Audulus???

    Edit: Audulus 2 is not available on the App Store under Purchased Apps as mentioned above.
  • @remcv8 - Maybe a silly question, but are you signed in to the same Apple ID that you purchased 2 with? Perhaps you signed up to a new ID when you got your new iPad?
  • I just upgraded to help you guys, as Imthink a Modular synth like this (which is very purist and well defined) is a great tool to learn and explore the world of sounds and waves.

    I had purchased Audulus 2 and didn't get a chance to use it (my fault) and now I couldn't find it and purchased again this new more expensive version.

    Having come from Jasutoland, I am not at all an intensive user and can be considered a true begginer amateur. Two of my "learning paches" are featured in the Jasuto (Pan Pipes and Bell Z)...so even if I don't do much, I still do some things when I can soare some time.

    I really wish Taylor could find a way to never have to care about income, but allow us to upgrade without having to purchase the entire product over and over as the way to help cover the cost.

    How can we get more people to pay? I think that the product is very good, but it needs better marketing. Being able to identify which known or promusicians use Audulus patches in which sonds would be awesome marketing. The sample works is very very limited.

    Unless more people are drawn to Audulus you can rest assured your modular of your Dreams won't be everything it can be. Here are some ideas:

    1) patch packs by some celebrity musicians
    2) make an Audulus Player that costs much less or is free so people can download and get sounds. It also exposes those that USE paid modulus to a larger base. It should have some functionality to make it easier for anyone to consume using IAA, AB or Midi, to become part of their workflow.

    This is important. If I create a great patch, why should only a person that knows all the internals and about modular be the only user?

    3) you need to be able to expose fully functional synths made with the app within the application itself. Loading things through email, or iTunes is good for a patcher, but not for those more practically just wanting to discover unique patches, filters, etc.

    You can have 20x the userbase you have now. That you have such a great product and that the volume of the forum is so limited - a huge gap- is maybe something temporary until you have an epiphany not just to try and do the best modular synth, but to actually find a way for everyone that can benefit from what Audulus can OUTPUT, aceesibale in a convenient way.
  • @fferreres - Thanks for buying Audulus 3!

    Audulus 3 is actually less expensive than Audulus 2 if you take into consideration that all the in-app purchases are now gone. And you didn't buy Audulus 3 "again" in the same way that upgrading from Live 8 to Live 9 is not buying Live again - you're paying for the thousands of hours that were poured into the upgrade.

    There was a period right after the release when Audulus was 50% off, and for a few months afterwards it was something like 10-15% off. If there was an easier way to give people an upgrade price, we would, but we can't - it's not allowed in the App Store (i.e., blame Apple, not Audulus).

    As to your suggestions:
    1 - The hope is that celebrities would share their patches for free, seeing as everyone else does. Paying for celebrities to make patches would take money away that could be spent on making the program itself better for everyone - and there are plenty of features that people are requesting. Good thinking though!
    2 - There already is a fully-functioning demo at www.audulus.com that is save-disabled. Because the App Store does not allow demos, we can't do this on iPad. In other words, what you've suggested has been considered in the past, and this is the solution we've come up with. We're not going to go back to do any a la carte arrangement, and as far as people who don't understand modulars, we encourage people to put in-app explanations of their patches using the text nodes.
    3 - Better forum/patch sharing integration is coming at some point. We have a lot on our plate right now with upgrading the audio engine to run analog-modelling patches more efficiently, and we still have to develop MIDI out.

    Thanks for the time and consideration you put into that post - really appreciate the feedback! :)
  • 1-No pay needed
    2-Not allowed? Can't it be a Player?
  • Just a quick question. Is there anyway to get the old iap working.

    Clicking the restore does nothing, as does the individual items, that, whilst they ask for money and claim I have previously purchased do not provide the features.
  • @Snowybear - I'm not sure -@Taylor will have to answer this one, and be aware that Audulus 2 is not supported for newer iOS versions. However, you do know that patches made with 3 won't run on 2 and vice versa, right? If you need help converting a patch from 2 to 3 I can do that, just lemme know :)