Audulus 3 is coming soon! (Audulus 2.10 removed from the App Store)
  • With the impending release of Audulus 3, I've removed 2.10 from the app store.
  • Now that is exciting news.
  • No wonder I could not find a buy it link. How long till version 3 please ? Cheers Glyn.
  • Will we be required to purchase 3.0 or will it be an update?
  • @geremy, it will be a paid upgrade. However, there will be an upgrade period where the price will be very affordable :)
  • That's nice to hear. Thanks.
  • amazing!!!!!! I can't wait! I haven't had a lot of time for Audulus lately because of my new Daughter, but I'm still pumped!
  • @ceilidshipley congrats on the new wee one! as she grows up you can make her little musical toy patches ;)
  • Is version 3 going to be much longer? I had to uninstall because of damage after upgrading my hard disk and restoring from Time Machine so now I don't have anything installed and nowhere to download a fresh copy.
  • @englishhaze you should be able to download Audulus 2.10 from the Mac App Store under "Purchased." Does that work?
  • No, it's not listed there either.
  • You said that "there will be an upgrade period where the price will be very affordable." How will that work?
  • @ark, yeah it's $14.99 for the first week. $29.99 after that.
  • I'm in the same boat as englishhaze; Audulus was temporarily removed from my iPad and now cannot reinstall older version to get upgrade pricing. Doesn't show up in my purchased list at all.

    **EDIT*** Upgrade price now showing in Appstore. Thanks!
  • @Taylor, thanks! It showed $29.99 the first time I looked but went down to $14.99 later. Don't know what changed.
  • @ark, yeah I goofed and it took a little while for the sale price to appear :)
  • So if we currently have Audulus 2 installed on our iPad already, how do we get the paid upgrade and how much is it?

    Or are you saying we just need to buy version 3 at the sale price (for everyone) at $14.99 USD?
  • @guitarot, that's right. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't give us developers a way of doing proper upgrade pricing, so we just did a big sale instead. Sorry about that!

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