Mixing signal into the ADSR
  • New user, first time posting... Hello!!
    I have an idea for expanding the tonal possibilities of the ADSR node...
    I was going to post this in Taylor's feature request, but I'd like some feedback on the idea first.
    I've tried looking online to see if this exists anywhere, but I can only find some stuff on transient designers, which only amplify or attenuate the attack and/or sustain of the envelope.
    My idea is based on acoustic sound generation.
    Lets take picking a guitar string as an example.
    The attack has some pick noise to it, and the sustain could have a varying vibrato throughout the sustain part.
    I want to be able to mix a signal into the individual stages of the ADSR.
    Say I mixed some noise on the attack, and a slight vibrato (or spline) on the sustain that got slower toward the end of the sustain section.
    The way the ADSR works right now, even if you have a LFO on the sustain knob, the sustain only registers the amplitude of where the value is when the gate triggers and stays there, it does not listen to and follow the value on the knob as you hold down the note on the keyboard.
    I suppose the decay wouldn't really need signal mixing, but this capability could allow some pretty creative sound possibilities overall... And I don't know of any synth that does this.
    Perhaps this is accomplished in some other way that I'm not aware of..
    I'm going to be working on trying to make this happen by stitching envelopes together, but if this was integrated into the ADSR node, it would be WAY easier and more CPU friendly.
    I can't find any synth or plugin or ADSR with this functionality online anywhere, but I am a bit of a noob to synths. I've been playing musical instruments for 30 years, so I come from an acoustics and musical background.
    I want to integrate the two worlds.
    I absolutely LOVE Audulus, I bought it for both my ipad and windows and have been learning a ton about sound synthesis. THANK YOU Taylor for an incredible tool/toy!!!!
    I welcome any feedback on this idea, as I don't know anything that does this.
  • You could probably get away with using a different ADSR to modulate your separate effect, such as vibrato. The idea would be to set up your normal signal without the vibrato, but using the ADSR to modulate the amplitude as normal. The separate ADSR would control how much vibrato is in play. You'd set it up so that it would hit its peak to coincide with the part of the sustain period that you want it to.

    This way is more modular, though it's certainly possible to build a sub patch to do exactly what you want, the way you want it, using the above technique.

    Or am I misunderstanding what you're going for?
  • Thanks for the response!
    Not exactly what I'm looking for, if I'm understanding you correctly...
    That method would limit the modulation of the sustain to the constraints of an ADSR curve, instead of any waveform that I want.
    I want to be able to mix in noise (or whatever signal i want) into only the attack of my signal, and mix in or modulate any arbitrary waveform into only the sustain portion of the ADSR envelope.

    In terms of natural or organic sound creation, the noise mixed into the attack would fade out during the decay, the signal mixed into the sustain would fade out during the release.
    I guess this type of control would generally be handled by breaking up the envelope into pieces and mixing signals into the separate pieces (Attack and Sustain) of their envelopes.

    Looking around, the other types of synthesis that do this would be like Linear arithmetic synthesis, or perhaps Advanced vector synthesis.... i think..?
    From: http://freevst.x10.mx/synthesis_3.php

    Looking at Audulus's ADSR node, you can attach automated control signals to the individual knobs of the A, or D, or S, or R, but they only read the value on that knob when the gate triggers...
    The attack, decay and release knobs only control the amount of time.
    The Sustain only controls the amplitude of signal for sustain, and ONLY reads one value when the gate triggers.

    I'm talking about adding one mix signal into the attack (that fades out during decay), and one mix signal into the sustain (that fades out during the release).
    Sorry for the wordiness, i'm just trying to be clear. :)