Snap to grid
  • Hi,

    for the pedants among us it would be handy to be able to snap the nodes to some grid to keep order and the patches beautiful and tidy. ;-)

    What do you think about it?

  • That would be great!
  • This is a good idea and would work well with a "lock screen" type of feature which will fix module locations on screen while still allowing us to tweak knobs and run patch cords without moving the modules around on screen.
  • There is a lock button which locks the locations.
  • I see that in the iPad version. Is there an equivalent in the Mac version? I don't see it.

    Also, I like the snap-to-grid idea. I think a good thing to add to that would be the ability to lasso knobs, modules and sub-modals when editing the User Interface so as to be able to move things around in groups and snap them to a grid in the layout instead of having to align module parts individually.
  • @Bozotoo you can actually get more specific with your selections than one may initially think. It's worthwhile to experiment around with selecting parts in a patch to get an idea of what's possible and to master what's possible. In combination with the undo button, it's been my experience that it's not too hard to move, copy, or remove elements of a patch around to suit your need.

    Editing the GUI of a sub patch is certainly more problematic and may have been what your comments about having to move individual elements was about. This seems more challenging to deal with as the app has no way of knowing what layout of the sub patch GUI you want and expanding it too much rather than using the current minimal stacking approach prevents the sub patch from disrupting the flow of the patch it appears in. Creating a more effective work flow for how to approach these issues would certainly be welcome.

    It can also be tedious to switch back and forth between the patch to edit the GUI and the sub patch so you can adjust the state of controls in order to be able to distinguish which control nodes are which and to associate them with the correct corresponding node in the sub patch GUI. Triggers are turned off and on and knobs are turned to tell them apart.
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  • Thanks. I don't find adjusting the sub-patch to be the problem. The problem is that when I want to make an adjustment to a module, I often end up inadvertently moving the module and not the knob or patch cord I was trying to change. Then I have to drag the module back into place and THEN try to make the adjustment again. In a performance setting that just won't do.

    I understand the problem with the iPad and Apple's minimum size requirement. It makes sense, even if we don't like it. What about the Mac version? Does it have a lock screen feature like the iPad? If so, that might be the solution because my Mac screens are MUCH bigger than my iPad.
  • +1 it's hard to turn knobs without sliding things all over the screen on my iPad.