New Audulus documentation pages!
  • Hey All,

    I'm working on new documentation pages, with a nicer layout.

    Please let me know what you think!

    And if you have some feedback for the documentation itself (the text), please don't hesitate!

    - Taylor
  • I like the aesthetic and layout a lot. Matches the feel of Audulus itself, which is cool.

    If I had any real feedback it would be along content lines. E.g.

    - In what situations would I use a DC Blocker? I think I know.. I have a waveform that looks "weighted" too heavily above the 0 line and adding the DC Blocker fixes that. This is speaking from an audio n00b's (my) perspective.
    - If I have a (z) showing me feedback delay, what's the benefit of using a Feedback Delay node to control where it happens? Situations would be helpful here, though "you'll know it when you see it," might be good enough. :)
    - Would be cool to have a cookbook. afta8's stuff is really great, and might make a nice "advanced" section of the cookbook. But also using a sawtooth + LessThan node to build a PWM sound is neat, but basic. Also, different Phasor LFOs.
  • @jjthrash, thanks! Good points.

    Yeah, that's right about the DC blocker. (@BTL, did you request that node? How are you using it?)

    Cookbook is a great idea. What do you think the format should be? Maybe descriptions with links to patches?

    For the feedback delay, I was thinking:

    "Without using a **FeedbackDelay** node, Audulus will assign feedback delays based on when nodes are created. Under certain circumstances, such as building a counter, it is desirable to be able to explicitly control where a delay occurs."

    @JDRaoul, am I right about counters? Have you used FeedbackDelay in your work?

  • Although I've experimented with FeedbackDelay I have yet to find a use for it. I'm not even certain I've definitively witnessed it having a discernible effect.
    My simple counter works fine without it.
  • @taylor For the feedback delay, does it delay for a single frame? How long does the delay last?

    Re the cookbook, that might be something a wiki could solve. Rather than impose a structure now, a structure could emerge over time. But this may just be a convoluted way of saying, "I don't know." :)
  • @jjthrash, it delays one buffer. For a single frame (sample), there's the UnitDelay node.

    Re: FeedbackDelay: I added it to be able to control node evaluation order. Perhaps we don't have any use cases yet.
  • Thanks @taylor.

    This actually leads me to another question. This *isn't* a feature request, but.. :)

    If I understand it correctly, the Karplus-Strong synth method requires the ability to modulate how many samples are delayed. This is the method it uses to tune the resonance to the right frequency. The unit delay does one frame, but I think it would require having a N-unit delay to accomplish. Does that sound right? Is that the kind of thing that could be broadly useful? Doesn't sound like it to me.

    I tried using the regular delay node and calculating the delay time to make sure it included the right number of samples, but it kind of went crazy, and I don't know what I'm doing.
  • @jjthrash, I think we've got some Karplus-Strong patches in this thread:

    And that's using the regular Delay node. Does that help?
  • Nice. Yes, that helps. I have more learning to do. :)
  • Just a minor point on the node reference, the Maths Expression docs don't list the constants... 'e' and 'pi' are the ones I know off but maybe there are more?
  • @afta8, good point. I added those to the docs ( There aren't any others. Would you like to have more?
  • I can't really think of any...

    Well except for 'i' but then you would have to add a FFT node so we could make use of it ;)