Audulus 2.9!
  • Nice improvements Taylor, much appreciated!
  • Thanks @thinds! Enjoy!
  • hi taylor, the keyboard that u can popup to play a synth doesn't display properly. I'm using iphone 5s ios 8.1
  • Same here, keyboard doesn't come up on iphone5s or ipad air. Both running iOS 8.1.

    I also cannot open any patches created on ipad and stored in iCloud drive in 2.9 running on OS X 10.10. Always get the message "The document "patchname" could not be opened".
  • @paradiddle, @andreasphh, thanks for letting me know!

    I'll fix those bugs ASAP. The keyboard bug should be easy (surprised I missed that). The iCloud one scares me.
  • @paradiddle, @andreasphh, fixed the keyboard bug. I'll be submitting an update to Apple shortly.
  • The icloud one is really funny. It is not (only) a mac audulus problem I think.
    Turn on iCloud on two ios8 devices and watch what happens. I get duplicates and empty patches (or corrupted, don't know, suddenly some patches only contain in- and output nodes on one of the two devices) all over the place.
  • @andreasphh, yeah it's really bad. I think its fine on the Mac side of things and its an iOS 8 problem mainly.
  • hi taylor, keyboard seemed to be fixed. however, if u have the keyboard on and press hide menu, there's no way to close the keyboard or put the menu back on. anyway on the iphone 5s.
  • @paradiddle, good point! I'll fix that by adding another button to hide the keyboard.
  • stumbled upon it by pressing the hide by accodent :)