Review of Audulus in TapeOp Magazine :)
  • GREAT review of Audulus in TapeOp magazine. It really captures what we're going for! I had the privilege of meeting with the author, who gave me hard copies of the review. There's something very satisfying about seeing Audulus in real good 'ole print!

    2448 x 3264 - 2M
  • Very nice indeed. Congrats!
  • @JDRaoul, thanks! You are mentioned in the review, so congrats to you too!!
  • sweet, man! Tape Op definitely one of my favorite music magazines, and Audulus deserves the exposure for sure
  • @plurgid, thank you sir! Yes Tape Op has a really cool indie vibe to it. And they don't hold back in writing sophisticated reviews.
  • A virtual modular on hard copy. Kind of opposites hehehe!!! Great to see the exposure Audulus is getting. Now I am reading that it is an old review but a good one