Audulus 2.8 - OUT NOW!
  • Audulus 2.8 includes faster graphics, a new node creation menu, better labeling, and improvements to Custom Nodes!
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  • Great news and looking forward to it. Faster graphics sounds intriguing. It's pretty slick at the moment.
  • @thinds, thanks! The graphics are somewhat of a personal obsession of mine ;-)
  • That's an intriguing custom node.
  • Very, very nice update. Graphics are indeed very cool and smooth.
  • @thinds, excellent! Thanks!
  • The management of subpatch UI looks great and labels are also nice. One thing I noticed though - i've only tried this on OSX so far and i'm sure it is less problematic on iOS but using the Create drop-down menu to select modules as opposed to the Right-Click slows down the process of patch creation. Aside from that - nice work.
  • @LutherBlissett, thanks! Yes, I agree about the Mac menu being slower. I'm planning to add a better right-click menu on Mac. Bear with me :)
  • Hi Taylor.
    Elektroshnik from Montreal.
    I just wanted to let you know my comments about the Audulus 2.8 update.
    But first, just say I really like Audulus.
    It's been around a month now that I'm playing with it.
    It is simply great, quite easy to understand and incredibly powerfull.
    Also, I'm always surprise to see how much your involved into the forum.
    Really appreciate all the exchanges that I find there.

    So, just so you know, I'm using Audulus with my iPad mini retina.
    Here's my comments :
    I'm still getting use to it, but I finally like the new Create Menu.
    Also, being able to import directly a patch into another patch is a great time saver.
    I'm really happy with the new assign MIDI note to MIDI trigger function.
    I made that request to you about two weeks ago.
    Great to see it in action.
    It's a lot tighter than the workaround I was using to get the effect I wanted.
    Thanks for this add.
    The graphics are beautifully fluid.
    One thing I miss though; the little garbage can that was at the top of the screen.
    I find it quicker sometimes to just hit the can to delete nodes.
    That's my preference.

    One thing I would like in a future update: a way to group nodes together so I can move them around without having to always select them one by one. I like to clearly organize my patches. So at some point in my patch's development, I need to move things around.

    That's it for now.
    And thanks for your support.
  • A positive comment: I think the ability to setup and lock interface elements really meets the criteria of being able to setup something that can be used live more easily. Thanks for that.
  • Many thanks for the excellent updates, @Taylor. Seems like this one is really focused on UE/usability, and there's some great stuff in here!
  • About the Lock Mode : I use a lot of MIDI Trigger in my patches and when performing, if I click too fast on a Trigger, it zoom-in on that Trigger. So I loose the Global view of my permorming interface. Was wondering if in Lock Mode, the Double-Tapping function for zooming-in could be set the Off.
    Thank you.
  • @Elektroshnik, I like your suggestion about grouping nodes together. And I'll turn off double-tap zoom when in lock mode :)

    @LutherBlissett, yes, well in the sense that its now easier to create a Custom Node, which can be used as a control surface. Not to confuse locking/unlocking of Custom Node UI with Lock Mode. (I probably should have chosen a less ambiguous name to avoid confusion)

    @SuperNiCd, thanks!
  • Great update, really like the new way we can edit custom UI.

    Create menu is nice but I do miss the old context menu, when using that the new node was placed wherever you clicked, now it is just dumped in the middle of the screen which slows things down particularly on osx..

    Also on OSx I can't find the lights node in metering, is this intentional?
  • @afta8 thanks!

    The Light Node is an omission. I'll fix that!

    What if we had drag and drop for the new create menu?
  • Yeah drag and drop would work on iOS, not sure if you can do it on OSx though.. It would solve the issue but still wouldn't feel as immediate as the context menu IMO... I'm sure it will be ok once the muscle memory kicks in..
  • @afta8, keep me posted. I want to make sure the changes aren't causing usability regressions!
  • @Taylor, Just an update after having used this for a while, it's ok once you have a few nodes in your patch and you can just copy and paste using the keyboard which is quite quick in practice..

    One request I would like to make is for any selected nodes to be deselected after you have created a new node or pasted. Currently you create/paste a node and then move it which inadvertently moves the previously selected node, catches me out every time!
  • @afta8, good point! I'll fix that!
  • I was *out from music* for last several months, but hope to return soon. Hope my old buddie iPad 3rd still could be used. I haven't updated Audulus yet coz i'm still on 6.1.3.
    Would it be worthy moving to latest Audulus and ios7 considering hardware?
  • @GrapeInfermal, I have an iPad 3 and Audulus runs well on it. So I would upgrade :)
  • Good! I just tried some patches and realised that most cool things you guys do here doesn't work on 2.5.1 :) Curiosity killed the cat, they say... Nope, cat will become stronger!
  • @GrapeInfermal, that reminds me that I need to add some code so old versions of Audulus won't try to open patches created with newer versions, which can cause a crash :\
  • @Taylor, is there a 2.8 compatible AU available yet?
  • @afta8, working on it now :)
  • Great, looking forward to it :)