Audulus for iPhone launching April 22nd -- OUT NOW!
  • It will be free to all current users of Audulus for iPad. Special introductory price for everyone else!


    Audulus for iPhone: patch anywhere.
    iPhone Teaser.jpg
    1195 x 679 - 264K
  • Excellent. Posted a link at the Audiobus forum.
  • Very cool! What's the system requirements? My iPod touch 2G is probably too old, isn't it? ;)
  • @medienhexer, haha, yeah well Audulus needs iOS 7. If I could make it run on your iPod, I would!

    - Taylor
  • Will there be a new Mac version at the same time?
    (It's today and I could just wait and see.)
  • hey, when i search the app store on my iPhone i get nothing, but in the itunes app store it says the update is live. should i just buy through iTunes or will it be on the app store soon?
  • @DudeSouth, you can get it through the link on The App Store index should update soon.
  • thx. got it!
  • just a heads up, when i open up the audulus store on the mac version the window is blank.
  • @DudeSouth, oops!! Well I'll have to submit a fix to Apple for that. Thanks for letting me know!