Bi-quad based graphic equalizer
  • I didn't see a graphic equalizer posted to the forum, so I thought I'd build one. I would have preferred to use phase-linear filters, but unfortunately they require multisample input (z-1, z-2 etc.) . The bi-quad is far from a linear phase response, but since it is already available I thought I would give it a shot. I used a slightly modified version of @Sans-Nom's implementation of the bi-quad shelf and peaking eq filters (no sense in re-inventing the wheel). The unit is sixteen bands and provides +/- 24 dB for each band. There is an +/- 12 db output gain control as well. The demo uses four of the somewhat absurd saw-monic generators I cooked up the other day as well as the new and improved Tiltatron M3.

    07:25PM - updated demo to use a variation of @jjthrash's unison module.
    Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 7.23.12 PM.png
    3094 x 1890 - 1M
    eq demo.audulus
  • I neglected to mention how awesome this graphic EQ iis. Even though it may not be perfect from a phase response perspective, it is a really powerful tool for sculpting sound.
  • Very cool! Have to say, though, that the Unison module is @biminiroad's, I think, from a while ago. It's in the module library on the Mac: Module Library -> 1. Modules -> Effect -> Pitch -> Unison
  • I must have missed it. My apologies to @biminiroad!
  • Great stuff!