Broke my finger - Might be slow to answer emails, forum
  • I broke my pinky finger on my right hand in a biking accident yesterday. I don't know how long it will take to heal, but I just wanted people to know because I'll be slow to respond to forum and email messages. Thanks!
  • Bummer. Hope it heals quickly!
  • How will you drink tea in a classy fashion now?!? Wishing you a quick recovery, sir!
  • @jjthrash thanks! Going to urgent care today to get it looked at... @rileyguy lol yes! gotta stay fancy ;)
  • For what it's worth, breaking my arm while out biking is part of what gave me the time to dive back into Audulus :)

    Seriously though, That has gotta be painful and I hope you recuperate soon.
  • Got Xrays today - its pretty badly broken! might need surgery :/ will let ya’ll know
  • If you need some expert help, Louisville has the finest hand surgeons in the world. They fixed my wife's broken wrist and thumb. Even had to re-route a tendon.
  • thanks for the tip @stschoen!
  • They did the world's first total hand transplant a few years ago, and have done several since.
  • Hey everyone! Just a little update - So i went to the hand specialist yesterday and my finger is so badly broken that it's basically unrepairable. The bone has exploded into little tiny shards that won't heal correctly and can't be operated on.

    My best chance seems to be to fuse two of the bones together so I'll have a stiff but somewhat bendable finger.

    I'm going to get a second opinion when I go home for Christmas in Cleveland, but this guy I went to in NC is one of the best hand surgeons in the state, so it's not an optimistic proposition.

    It's going to be a long recovery process but at the very least I can type better now. Starting tomorrow I'll get back up to speed with everything and get the uModular library back on track.

    I've got some great ideas for new modules, and I see you all have not slowed in your own innovation!

    I'll also have the Windows/Linux sale figured out by tomorrow too, so that will happen as well.

    Thanks for your patience and sorry it's been tough, the last few days I could basically only use my phone to type but now back at my keyboard.

    The only saving grace of this is that if you'd seen this accident happen, that I only broke my pinky is a miracle (I flew by a tree head first and missed it by just a few feet going 25mph), and that thank god it's the only finger I don't use while playing guitar. It is my apostrophe finger though so I';ve been typing lots of semicolons instead, like that ---- lol

  • Happy you’re still with us and only down one fully functional pinky! <3
  • Wishing you recovery biminiroad. Your dedication is what attracted me to this program.
    keep up the great work!
  • @RenterX thanks! The finger is feeling better now, it's stiff, but easier to type now. Surgery is scheduled early next year - we'll see!
  • I was going to say, thank god it's not on your left hand, but then I wasn't sure which was your fretting hand. Best finger to break for a guitarist probably! I hope the healing process goes faster than expected, really sorry to hear about it, sounds painful! :/