Broke my finger - Might be slow to answer emails, forum
  • I broke my pinky finger on my right hand in a biking accident yesterday. I don't know how long it will take to heal, but I just wanted people to know because I'll be slow to respond to forum and email messages. Thanks!
  • Bummer. Hope it heals quickly!
  • How will you drink tea in a classy fashion now?!? Wishing you a quick recovery, sir!
  • @jjthrash thanks! Going to urgent care today to get it looked at... @rileyguy lol yes! gotta stay fancy ;)
  • For what it's worth, breaking my arm while out biking is part of what gave me the time to dive back into Audulus :)

    Seriously though, That has gotta be painful and I hope you recuperate soon.
  • Got Xrays today - its pretty badly broken! might need surgery :/ will let ya’ll know
  • If you need some expert help, Louisville has the finest hand surgeons in the world. They fixed my wife's broken wrist and thumb. Even had to re-route a tendon.
  • thanks for the tip @stschoen!
  • They did the world's first total hand transplant a few years ago, and have done several since.