DAW Clock Module
  • this module outputs a clock pulse at the selected tempo. If running in a DAW via the AU plugin, the tempo is synced while the transport is running (though you must set the exact DAW tempo in the patch). There is a phase option which will let you offset the clock should you want to do that. There are two outputs, one is the 'shuffled' clock should you choose to apply shuffle, the other is the straight clock unaffected by the shuffle setting.
    Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 10.13.22 PM.png
    445 x 486 - 38K
  • What'd you use for the dirt here @plurgid? Can't open old 2 patches, just curious (i'm going back and migrating everything in sub-patches to patches and deleting the sub-patch category).
  • Yellow knobs?! what is this heresy?
  • lol yah super old post!
  • If I recall correctly this was some kinda hack with the timer node to sync an lfo to the daw transport in the AU. Think I just used a delay and a sample and hold flip flop to do the shuffle. Not sure there was any "dirt" in this one though :-)
  • @biminiroad - i rebuild it.. i still have version 2 installed ;) if you need other patches from version 2 converted i m happy to do that
  • Oh whoops I commented on the wrong post - there was some old post that @plugrid did that had dirt as distortion on a filter or something...
  • @Phal_anx, well I for one am happy you recreated the DAW clock. super handy :)
  • @biminiroad - thats ok :D

    @RobertSyrett - you are welcome :)

    i m pretty sure some ppl can still use this
  • I'll second that.
  • @biminiroad - after going throu the patches to look if i find something useful to rebuild it, i think i found the dirty filter you meant..

  • @biminiroad - rebuild that one from the link.. i didnt test it ... i changed the filter modul to sansnom´s ladder filter... everything else is how it was in v2 ;)
    Dirty Filter PLURGID.audulus
  • ROFL, my 'dirt' was a crossfade and a distortion. Sounded kinda cool though. Thanks for resurrecting that y'all!
  • I actually forgot there was a distortion node.
  • Yahhhh!!!