Instructions for uploading and downloading patches :)
  • Downloading a patch

    You'll need to be logged in to download patches. I would make it so guests can download patches, but I don't see a checkbox to do so anywhere in the Forum Admin interface! Also, be sure cookies are enabled for your browser.

    Here are specific steps to download a patch:
    1. Log into the forum.
    2. Find the patch you want in a thread.
    3. Touch the patch logo.
    4. Touch it again and it should open a window that says "open in".
    5. Touch "open in Audulus" and it should open the app with the patch.
    6. Please note it takes a moment to load and give you sound and it may not have a preview yet.

    Also, iPhone users:

    You'll need to scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Full Site" to see the patch downloads. I'm working on a fix.

    Uploading a patch

    From the Mac version of Audulus, just select "Attach File" when posting or replying to a topic.

    For the iOS version, unfortunately Mobile Safari doesn't support file uploads. So you'll need to get the patch over to a computer to share it. If you have the Mac version, iCloud will automatically sync it to your Mac :) Otherwise, tap on Select in the patch browser, select the patches you'd like to email, and tap the share button. I'm working on a way to make this process smoother.

    If you have any trouble, just email me:

    - Taylor
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