Audulus 2.6 is out! Switch Pack + Feedback Delay

  • Enjoy!
    - Taylor
  • @Taylor,
    I have no patch graphics whatsoever in 2.6….only text appears identifying each node (no node boxes or shapes, no wires).
  • @BTL, did you load a patch you made with the beta? Are the examples working?
  • @Taylor,
    No patches from beta and all previous Mac patches and examples are not working, all showing no graphics.
  • @BTL, I'll email you.
  • Coverage of Audulus 2.6 over on Synthopia!

    Post a comment over there!
  • @Taylor,
    Check my latest email. I'm getting the impression that Mountain Lion no longer allows unsandboxed versions to run.
  • in the past all official versions did not run, but the unsandboxed versions ran/runs fine. As far as I know it's because of the GeForce graphics card (hackintosh 10.7 dual boot with Win 7). Is there a way to download an unsandboxed version of 2.6 and future versions? The one available on this site is 2.3 (which is running fine, but cannot load recent patches).

    If not I'm not complaining. I cannot expect support for hackintoshes, which in my case is just a test rig.
  • @Phil999, no worries! Let me update the unsandboxed version. For the App Store version: how does it not run? Is there a graphics issue or a crash? Maybe we can troubleshoot that :-)

    - Taylor
  • thank you Taylor. We tried already to troubleshoot that many months ago. After I guess more than a dozen email exchanges with log reports, special versions and whatnot, I made a remark about the graphics card, that it was difficult to install. Then you found the culprit, something with OpenCL or Cuda, I don't remember.

    Since then I changed my email address, unfortunately I cannot go back to what we discussed at that time.

    For me it is alright to run the standalone unsandboxed version. It poses no problems or other disadvantages. I hope it is not too much trouble for you to make these unsandboxed versions.

    Thanks again!