Audulus 2.4 is out! iCloud syncs your patches between Mac and iPad
  • Check out the video:

  • I've never used iCloud before. It is enabled on my iOS 7.0.3 iPad, but in Audulus settings, there is a yellow triangle saying "Not logged in to iCloud". Should I wait a day or two, or are there any other settings that must be made?
  • @Phil999, fix coming very soon!
  • @Phil999, fix is out :-)
  • I assume Audulus must be in the iCloud list under Settings/iCloud, but it isn't in my case. You who are experienced with iCloud know perhaps what I should do to make Audulus appear in this list, and make it working in the app itself.

    Sorry, as I said, I've never used iCloud, so it's a bit difficult to know where to start. I still have 5 GB storage. iCloud Backup is disabled by the way, I prefer to backup my data manually using iFunbox or other tools.

    Edit: I deleted my iCloud account and set it up again, now I can store patches in iCloud. Problem solved, although I don't know exactly how and why. Sometimes one has to do such irrational things to make things like these work. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I'm usually offline and use a local wifi network for music production. The iPads sometimes have a problem with that, I guess they are expected to have a wifi network that is constantly online.

    I don't know.
  • Is there a cross-grade option between iPad and Mac versions?
  • @JacobH, welcome! No, I'm afraid the App Store doesn't have a way to set that up. It would be nice though.
  • again I made the experience that signing out of iCloud and signing in again can solve problems with Audulus' iCloud preset exchange. Recently I set up an iPad from scratch, and there was this yellow triangle again and "Not logged in to iCloud". I tried shutting down all apps and do a reboot, but this didn't help.

    If you have problems with Audulus and iCloud, signing out and signing in may be the answer.