Audulus 2.4 submitted to Apple
  • I'm excited to show you how iCloud improves the workflow between iPad and Mac!

    - Taylor
  • Hi Taylor,
    Will 2.4 contain the DC Blocker that we've discussed, and if so, when do you anticipate its release.
    The reason I ask is that I've been working out a "power-up auto-tweak" calibration circuit for the high pass filters in the that patch that we've discussed. It's coming along well but still needs considerable work to complete and I'm wondering if I should simply wait for the dedicated DC Blocker node. (I also need to simplify that patch anyway.)
    In either case, all is not lost in that it has forced me to explore some minute details regarding node timing, alternative uses for nodes, and specific interaction between nodes that I may be able to exploit in developing a Digital Logic Tool Kit (gates, flip-flops, counters, etc.) for audulus.
  • @BTL, I wanted to get iCloud out the door ASAP, so I'm going to do a DC Blocker in a little release after 2.4 (2.4.1 or so), provided there are no serious iCloud bugs that need tending to.

    - Taylor
  • Sounds good - thanks, looking forward to that (both .4 and .4.1)
  • Does it filter out a single frequency?
  • @JDRaoul, it filters out a DC offset. So in the example above the sine oscillator is offset by 100, and the DCBlocker pulls it back to its usual range.
  • @BTL, version with DC Blocker now submitted to Apple :-)
  • @BTL, DC Blocker is now in the iPad version (Mac version is being held up due to a minor mistake on my part).

    - Taylor
  • @taylor
    You made a recent comment about Audulus 2.5 on Dischord or Synthtopia. Something about making it easier to get started using the app. Care to elaborate?
  • @JDRaoul, that's the custom UI feature. The idea is once we can build higher-level nodes (typical bigger modular synth modules, guitar pedals, or entire synths) it will be easier for new people to get started.
  • @Taylor,
    I like that line of thinking!......more technically complex nodes in larger, more complex patches with custom UI's will capture the largest segment of the iOS music making market, i.e, musicians looking for newer and better sounds and methods (right now, your probably mostly attracting the "tinker geek" musicians like us ;-)) ... it will insure that this thing keeps growing...and as it progresses with your efforts and that of creative users, I think it's bound to become the most unique "must have" app for all (iOS and perhaps Mac) musicians (both technical and non technical)!
    Thanks for the DC more twiddling my high pass far, so good.
  • @BTL, that's exactly what I'm after! Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad the DC Blocker is working out :-)