Midi output please!
  • We could use audulus as a midi processor If there was a midi output. I use Bidule for that on a PC.
  • Yes, nice! So are you thinking along the lines of having MIDI connections within the app too? Or rather, say a MIDI send node that will translate velocities/pitch into MIDI events? (the latter would be much easier for me to do)

    - Taylor
  • I personally don't much see the need or benefit of having MIDI within the app, but a full-featured MIDI output node that translates signals into MIDI messages would be great: instant algorithmic composition!
  • midi transformations within the app? YES PLEASE :-)
    then we can play with scale transformations and do arpeggiators, etc.
    Also a midi clock in would be quite handy in the AU.
  • I'd add that sending OSC as well as MIDI would be excellent for flexibility and interoperability - using Audulus to algorithmically control other apps via OSC would be great.
  • +1 midi, osc
  • This is coming in a newer update - this 3.3 update had to be finished first before MIDI out was implemented. Basically, if Taylor had implemented MIDI out before this z-1 rewrite, he would have had to redo the programming for MIDI out again. So don't worry, it's coming!

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