Kick Designer
  • A simple but powerful kick maker. Can also b used as a synth.
    Kick Designer.audulus
    Just a Beat.audulus
  • I am a sucker for waveform displays like that!
  • Thnx G!still waitn for a proper scope though;p
  • Wow - thank you! I really like it - it's so intuitive and maybe took me a minute to understand the interface - this is where I'm missing multitouch: just hit, turn some knobs and see what it does.

    What was your thought process behind the way, the hit buttons functions? As you press it longer, the faster the envelope goes.

    For sure a new part for my personal favourites. What about crediting yourself and some versioning tracking inside so we can see where it comes from and if ours is up to date?
  • @Experiment1 I'm really happy to hear that!

    I probably should've mentioned it at the beginning. Sorry bout that. This is a tweaked afta8 sine kick patch. I just took it apart and added stuff. Like for example other waveforms and that hit button. Which I don't know why it exactly does that to be honest, that thing with the envelope. All I wanted to do is have a button to play along. But the extra envelope feater makes it even more versatile. So it's a welcome unknown mistake? ;) I'm kinda building things until it sounds/looks like how I want it. Learning by doing I gues. it's a long road to Bimini, and I'll probably never get there, but it's fun trying...with audulus...(I should get payed for this slogan)

    This is basically The Version. But I might still tighty up in the inside. And post that version.

    Thanks again