Axis of Funk
  • Here is some robot folk music from northern Africa.

    Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 1.05.04 AM.png
    521 x 1026 - 232K
    axis of funk.audulus
  • Just the thing to start the morning! Very two-dimensional. The cartesian sequencers can certainly generate some interesting melodies.
  • I was really surprised that modulating the scale of the output emulated people playing riffs so well. thanks for the kind words :)
  • I find those unanticipated little surprises are part of the fun of wiring all this stuff together. You never really know what will come out!
  • I made this into a three part song, where the original part is the finale. I'm trying out this paradigm to use audulus as a generative and interactive accompaniment to the eurorack rig.

    edit 6:34- I had attached the wrong file. Here is what I meant to share.
    3 part song.audulus
  • Your work is amazing. Thanks for all of the great example patches. Unfortunately the three part song will not play without crackling (cpu overload) even on my ipad pro. Do you use a mac book or a mac computer?
  • @waynewedge Thank you! I use a mac pro and an iPad Pro, this patch is definitely right on the cusp though before crackling set in on my iPad. I think I need to trim it back a bit and streamline effects. It's an ongoing effort at balance ^^
  • @RobertSyrett, that's fantastic. What a massive patch! I really like the change in feeling as the piece progresses through the parts. You made good use of your event timers to stage the various sections. I'll have to give that a try myself.
  • Didn't commment on this before, but woowwweee the sound is great! Very awesome rhythmic stuff going on here.