Minor trouble!
  • Switching minor scales with uModular quantizer and sequencer. Percussion courtesy of @RobertSyrett and @biminiroad. I modified a copy of my uMod chaining sequencer to switch external inputs rather than knobs.
    Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 4.46.26 PM.png
    1804 x 1018 - 530K
    minor trouble patch.audulus
  • Very interesting approach to modulating scale!
  • I thought it would be neat to combine the various minor scales. I finally settled on leaving the lower oscillator on the minor pentatonic. You could use the same technique to switch any combination of masks.
  • One thing I'm finding with some of these self-generating patches is that one time you run them you get a neat progression and they seem to get "in the groove", then you run them again and it sounds totally random. I obviously still have a lot to learn :)
  • Yeah, it's an interesting form. Aleatoric composition really needs balance. There are usually types of parts. There need to be sequences, sound sources, and subtractive modulations that take the sequenced sound sources in and out. And between these three things you can begin to define what the patch is doing.

    At least for how I am working these days.
  • Minor revision (no pun intended)
    minor trouble patch V2.audulus
  • We ALL know you intended that pun :)