Could Audulus scale quantizer, quantize a VCO from my Modular Rack? How? Do I need ES-8?
  • Please explain if I can quantize a vco from my modular rack using a scale quantizer in audulus, would I need an ES-8, or how could this be done, what equipment would I need?
  • You would need a dc-coupled interface and ES-8 is a good one. The process of taking a VPO signal and quantizing it in audulus is mostly straightforward. The VPO comes into audulus, is multiplied to the 1/octave standard in audulus, then run through one of the many wonderful quantizers in Audulus, and then scaled back down to VPO. The tricky part is calibrating your inputs and outputs so that everything stays in tune. To do that you need and reliable voltage source and then you calculate the input and output scaler. For example, on my ES-8, I need to multiply the input by 1.05 and the output doesn't need any adjusting.
  • @Ryancolao - just to clarify, you do mean quantizing a volt per octave signal, then sending it back out to your modular (using Audulus as a quantizer), and not quantizing the actual audio signal, correct? That would be like auto-tune stuff and would require FFT, which we don't have. The other way is what Robert describes above.