Can't see Audulus in Ableton Live 9.7.4 ( macOS High Sierra )
  • Hi guys!
    I changed hard disk in my MacBook, I upgraded with macOS High Sierra, downloaded Audulus3 ( that I already had in my old hard disk ) from App Store. I can use it in stand-alone mode but I can't see it in Ableton Live 9.7.4 AU plugins ( 64bit ).
    Any idea?!? Please help me ( sorry I'm quite a noob with computers )!
  • You need to install the Audulus plug-in found here: It's all the way at the bottom of the page. You will also find the link on the Audulus menu labeled "Install Audio Unit".
  • Thanks for the assist @stschoen! @babasynth let me know if you need any more help getting started :)
  • I did it and it works !
    I love you guys!
    Thank you very much for the support!
  • Awesome! Have you downloaded all the patches here yet?
  • Thank you very much @biminiroad !!!
    This collection is a dream ! Thanks for your ( you and the other lovely guys ) hard work and for sharing it !!!
    So I downloaded the entire collection and I can find everything when I use the right click in stand-alone but not when I'm inside Ableton. Is there a way to do it?
  • @babasynth - no, the AU is badly in need up an update, which is in the works. That's one of the things that will come in the future. Right now it's easier to build in the standalone and then import into Live.
  • @babasynth also check out this new growing collection - just uploaded a .zip of most of them. You can drop them into your right click menu in the standalone too!
  • Awesomeee @biminiroad!!!
    I can't wait for the next release, then!
    So, I'm going to make some noise with Audulus ( I'm new here and pretty excited! ) and i'll give you my first impressions ( and possible doubts ) in the next days...
    Thanks again bro!
  • Sounds great, thanks babasynth! and welcome :)