Arbitrarily long delay?
  • I was checking to see if the delay node could be used for really long trigger delays in the uModular thread and was surprised to see that it can!

    Has it always been like that? Is this a bug? Are the gloves off and now I can finally do 30 second Eno-style sound on sound loops?
    Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 12.14.08 PM.png
    790 x 542 - 54K
    Long Delay.audulus
  • I think the max is 20s, at least I’ve confirmed up to that!
  • If you’re using the delay to delay a trigger its weird but you might need to use an x>0 expression after to get an envelope to properly trigger. Not sure why but had to do thay in the gate delay thing I made in that dadsr
  • Ok, so there is still merit in using the timer node instead of the delay node for gate delay. But still 20 seconds is a good chunk of time to play with :)