Randomly Generated Melody Patch
  • This is the patch I was going to show off last night at the Algorave, but didn't because they were missing a USC-C to HDMI cable :/ Lesson learned.

    Here it is!

    A couple new modules in there - I'm deciding the whole m/e/g/a thing is a PITA to label and from now on the only one i'm directly labelling are abstract ones like o, Hz, etc., that can't be labelled with lights anyway.

    m/e will just be red
    g will just get the light node
    and a will just be the purple mixture of red and blue as it flickers
    Alograve Patch.audulus
  • m/e/g/a?

    modulation, envelope. gate, audio?

    I agree with the color coding, especially since red=positive and blue=negative are the way that Expert Sleepers display their signal path.

    I think it's still less esoteric to label them and forgo the LED/light nodes. But that's really more of an aesthetic consideration.

    Also, I like the patch a fair bit. The use of the sequence selectors and the Bernoulli gates to create the rhythm really create the impression of different section of the song :)
  • @RobertSyrett - yes, and in my experience, the labels don't help that much with new people - they're basically redundant with others, and it's just one more little thing to place that can multiply the work of especially large modules. If people don't know what m/e/g/a is, they'll have to look them up anyway, in which case they'd have the same guide.

    I'm also switching oscillators in the module library to have VCAs post filter since it aligns more with what people expect and also some filters are noisy slash have high resonance that would be oscillating all the time if not for a VCA post-filter. This was just an oversight on my part before.

    Of course people are welcome to do what they want, but as I'm about to gear up for another library revision of the included modules, i was just thinking how things need to change a little.
  • Well I still advocate for a set of full and clearly labeled beginner's modules, even though there will be some who are still confused. It's still a lot easier to enter the realm of Audulus when there are some sign posts beyond the sage and endlessly applicable RTFM.
  • @robertsyrett I think I’ll make a “beginner” set that has the inputs fully labeled with text like “gate” “modulation” etc but no more abbreviations - the abbreviations havent really helped like I thought they would.
  • Yeah, that would probably be best. Keep on evolving! ...but leave a trail so you know where you came from
  • I also think that the labels are somewhat redundant, although I think they help on the inputs particularly when there are no graphics (windows). Naming the inputs and outputs is certainly the easiest, but does tend to use more space.
  • @stschoen - would you possibly make a version of your quantizer that is just major/minor with a button that switches between the two?

    There'd be a knob for the base note as well.

    I only ask because I'm not sure how to strip down the Scales module you made for this Micro Modular collection I'm doing. I'd be even more grateful than I already am for all the patches you make!

    If would be great if there was another version that was maj/minor/pentatonic maj/pentatonic minor as well, using a knob.

    Pictured are a clock, a random sequencer, and a clock divider. Building from there.
    Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 1.55.14 PM.png
    1420 x 1226 - 268K
  • Be glad to.