Patch Work - an Audulus Online Magazine
  • I'm starting an Audulus online magazine to go deep with the forum users - how do you use Audulus, what have you made, why did you make it, what are you making next? But also into general questions like how did you get into making music, what else do you do with your free time?

    If you're interested in participating, comment below and I'll reach out to you with questions. Would be best if you're willing to do at least a couple back and forths to get a conversational thing going. Would also be great if you could take pictures of your setups at home, and even maybe a portrait!

    I plan on making this look like a legit online PDF magazine to practice my Pages skills. We'll also send it out on the long dormant Audulus mailing list!

  • Cool! I would be happy to participate
  • Excellent @stschoen! Can you email me at and we'll get it rolling?
  • I might be able to contribute, although I confess limited enthusiasm about divulging biographical details.
  • @RobertSyrett - that's ok! We can do a more music/design focused one with you if you'd like :) email me to set it up