Drums Along the Ohio
  • This is an adaptation of @RobertSyrett's excellent PENG! module. I switched out the @SansNom filter for the standard filter node and used a combination of noise and two filters to get the conga sound. One filter produces the "slap" when the hand hits the drums and the other produces the ring. The ring pitch decays slightly. I used the same setup as my previous patch.
    Drums Along the Ohio.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 8.18.57 PM.png
    1544 x 906 - 503K
  • Sweet! This perfectly covers the percussive side of Peng! Many thanks!
  • I actually think the @SansNom filter sounded fractionally better, but this cut the CPU overhead. Obviously it doesn't duplicate all of PENG'S functionality, I was going for a conga/bongo kind of sound.
  • Very cool!!! I appreciate you saving with the volume down. Can't tell you how many times a patch has scared the living hell out of me because I left my volume cranked. lol

    BTW, you too have been on fire as of late.
  • Very nice :-)
  • All that’s missing is Robert’s crickets…
  • I'm still working on that cricket patch. ;)
  • I'd like to take partial credit for the crickets since it was my post that put the insect in Robert's mind! :)