• For those of you who were experiencing the missing toolbar bug under iOS 9, it is now fixed! Upgrade now.

    That said, please note that as we get further away from iOS 9, it will be harder and harder to keep everything working on it. So *do not* update Audulus again unless you're an adventurous type who wants to confirm its working for everyone else. If you do, it might again be a while until we can get a fix going for you. We had to hire someone (namely @balph) to fix this to get it done as fast as we did.
  • hello, i'm on 9.3.3 iphone 5s, updated and when audulus loads a patch and you exit to main screen you get black screen, the same if you go to settings and back
  • @sot can you possibly upload a video showing this happen? Might help in diagnosing the problem.

    Anyone else on 9.3.3? The fix was ostensibly supposed to work on 9.3.5, the last OS update for 9
  • here is a capture with quicktime :

    it doesnt show at the end when i close audulus, it seems that the screen resize itself for a second before going to iphone home menu (and quicktime stops the recording itseft with an error but that might be a bug of quicktime (yosemite) or probably because it goes from landscape to portrait mode),
    the same happens if i open a patch (it loads alright) and then exit to main menu of audulus (browser).
  • Thanks @sot - we tracked down the problem and will issue a fix soon! Basically, we thought it was fixed and the problem you're seeing was just something that was happening on the simulator that we were running (no one has an actual iOS 9 device to test on, hence the simulator). So anyway it will be fixed soon - watch out here for the update, thanks!
  • Thank you for fixing this bug. now it works perfectly on ipad 3 ios 9.3.5. toolbar is visible
  • great thanks! i didnt see anyone else reply and i thought it was only me :)
  • it's fixed now! thanks and for the great docu help updates :)