Noisy Panic Delay
  • A delay to create some noise...?fun and simple to play with...
    Panic Delay.audulus
    2048 x 1536 - 366K
  • That's a really fun patch. I especially like the sound bar at the top. I kind of would like to have a panic button on each channel, but maybe I can work that out for myself. Good stuff!
  • Interesting patch. Like Robert, I like the button bar at the top. Fun to play with.
  • Yay,thanks guys :p . I tried panic buttons on each channel, but honestly couldn't figure it out properly. Always had a leftover sound. Didn't completely kill it. If you could make it work, would be highly apritiated...the sound bar was only made for showing what this panic delay could be used for, but if you like it...even better...
  • Hey Chenzen - the missing ingrendient here was you needed to turn the feedbacks down at the same time as turning the time down - that's what actually clears out the delay line.

    There's a fancier way to do it than how I implemented here that looks at the time parameter and keeps the feedback held down for the entire delay cycle so you don't have to press and hold the panic button, but it's kinda cool to just erase parts of it (like it does now). If you want the fancier way implemented, let me know!
    Panic Delay - Panic Fixed.audulus
  • Yes biminiroad...thanks a lot...!ill try to implement that......I'll link the feedback and the time of the individual delays to its panic button.I think, like you said, the over all panic button how it is is create some kind of stutter effect...or so...
  • Ok! Let me know if you need any help :)