Settling back in from Knobcon...
  • Hey y'all!

    Knobcon was short, sweet, and a little sad this year - short because I could only stay for one day, sweet because I got to meet a few of you and hang out and talk Audulus, and sad because I lost my Eurorack synthesizer on the bus ride there and couldn't show off the Knobcon Audulus synth.

    Don't worry though - I've sold some modules (and all my spare organs) and I'm back in business there. Expert Sleepers very kindly took pity on me and is sending me one of their last remaining ES-8s to continue developing hybrid Audulus-Euro patches.

    The silver lining is the new system I'm building is a little larger and will allow me to do more comprehensive development - including a uPVCO by Doepfer for working VCO-related patches.

    I've sold a bunch of spare modules I had, and I have one left if any of you are interested - it's a Bubblesound SEM20, which is a combination of the SEM and MS20 filters. I'll let that one go for $150 shipped free to CONUS or $150+shipping elsewhere.

    I've been absent from here for a little bit, I know, but I'm about to come back with a vengeance!

    I just sold my old computer and got a new laptop, and I'm upgrading my workspace to do better and more frequent livestream tutorials. I'll let you all know when that's set up - should be by next Thursday at the latest.

    I can't remember if I said it here, but I recently left my job at EAR to work on Audulus full time. Now begins a new era for Audulus, as I'll finally have the time to really tackle the mountain of work that's piled up over time.

    Thanks to everyone I met at Knobcon - I really *really* love showing people how to use Audulus in person. It's not something I get to do often, but the laptop is a part of my plan to do more touring around the country to synth shops for in-person events. The people at Patchwerks in Seattle gave me the idea to come out and demo the Expert Sleepers ES-8 with Audulus, and I figure I can do the same at other Expert Sleepers dealers around the country. So maybe next year I'll be seeing you in person sometime!

    <3 mark
  • PS: I'll get back to everyone on the recent forum topics here, I don't even have Audulus installed on this computer yet though! Getting everything set up takes a while :)
  • > sad because I lost my Eurorack synthesizer on the bus ride there and couldn't show off the Knobcon Audulus synth.

    OMFG That's a bummer. RIP sem filter and baby oscilloscope?
  • @RobertSyrett - this is my new rig! (Traded Mankato+some cash for a new SEM). I (will) have most of the middle row in a week or two.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 5.11.37 AM.png
    1308 x 1078 - 2M
  • Sorry to hear you lost your rack. Sounds like you're well on your way to building something new:(
  • Oh, now I'm jealous! I was just about to order an evolution filter when they discontinued Braids, so I ordered that instead. Now I regret.