Ableton Live + Audulus MIDI CC automation problem
  • Hi everyone,

    I've just bought Audulus for iOS + Mac and it is an amazing piece of software. Congratulations to everyone.

    Now, I just have a slight problem. When using Audulus AU with Ableton Live, it doesn't seem to be getting the MIDI CC messages to control knobs (I'm using a nanoKontrol2). The controller works fine with other plugins and with Ableton in general, so it's properly configured.

    In addition, when using the nanoKontrol2 with Audulus for Mac standalone, the MIDI CC works perfectly.

    Is this a known problem for the AU?

  • Hey sorry I missed this!

    Audulus' AU is in bad need of an update, and it's coming.

    There's currently no support for the MIDI CC messages from within the plugin. You can do this in the standalone, though (as you figured out).

    It's not a problem, it's just a feature that hasn't been added to the plugin yet (but will be!).