New 808/909/Hat Drum Modules
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    As I was making my patch for Knobcon, I found I wanted to beef up the wonderful modules by @Nömak with some z-1 action created by @sansnom

    The originals use less CPU but these have a little more rudeness to them thanks to the nice modelled analog filters.

    Controls (left to right)

    808 Kick:
    Tune - Snap - Overdrive

    909 Snare:
    Decay - Tune - Overdrive
    Decay option button: When blue, each trigger that comes in is limited to 5ms which creates even decay times. Turn the switch on and the gate going into the snare will affect the decay differently depending on how quickly new gates come and how long they're held high for.

    Decay - Tune - Snap

    You can hear them in action on this song - I recorded this live to my new cassette tape deck from my Audulus Knobcon rig. Just wait till you see how I'm doing the mutes/pattern queuing it's awesome. The tape warble's actually from a plugin since the deck is in pretty nice condition, but it does provide some nice distortion. Most of the reverb you hear is from Audulus, but there's a little applied after that's an EMT 140 UAD plugin to widen the mono image a little.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 2.10.07 PM.png
    427 x 736 - 88K
    808 Kick 909 Snare Hi-Hats.audulus