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  • hi! maybe you have some resources for me.
    let's just say i were to attempt cloning a famous device... for instance, i'm considering buying this synthesizer (roland sh-09) and i'dd like to build it in Audulus to check it's work flow first. it's a relatively simple device.

    i have the service manual, and it shows me precisely how the machine is built: http://www.cyborgstudio.com/drummachinemp3s/roland/sh09/manual/sh09servicemanual.pdf

    is there a guide i can use that tells how these components translate to audulus nodes ? lets say i wanted to take it one step further than "Keyboard / Oscillator / LPF / ADSR / Audio Out" ? how did you guys start out ?

    thank you, you're all very beautiful
  • @eskro Well, I would start off with the block diagram and make a basic version of the patch, then take each element, VCO for example, and research the characteristics of how it performs and then swap it out.

    If you want to try your hand at component modeling perhaps @sansnom can help you out, but I have had better luck by just backwards engineering.

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  • Also, you might start aggregating videos and other documents on this thread, so you and others can revisit this project.

  • damn, i wish i had an SH-09 here to use as reference.