Beginner here, got a few questions... Overwhelmed.. :(
  • Hello everyone! Got Audulus yesterday and have been enjoying it. Although I have to admit, getting a bit frustrated even just coming up with a basic patch going. tuts and vids are a big help though. got a few questions.

    1. I'm on ver 3.4.2 but I'm not seeing the organ, crossfade, and 'oscillator' and a bunch of other modules. I'm using the ios version.
    2. I'm confused with the basic osc and the saw osc. the basic osc doesn't have any shape and just has a hz knob. No sound is coming out of it even if i hook it up to a seq or midi in. I'm not close to my ipad now so I can't really give a more detailed explanation.

    Been dabbling with synths for a couple of years now but I'm new to modular. Been learning on reaktor blocks but it seems I'm getting confused with audulus and some aspects of it's signal path and modules.

  • I'm not sure which "organ" module you are referring to, but the basic oscillator node and crossfade node will be available on the first page of nodes (basic building blocks with their own icons built into the program) after tapping the screen and selecting "Create". Oscillator should simply show as "osc" with an icon of a basic sine wave.

    When scrolling down, the selections shown following the nodes will then be modules that have been created using basic nodes, etc. These will show a screenshot of the basic patch that makes up the module.

    The oscillator node when created will need at least a value going to the Hz (somewhere in the audible range for humans to hear it out of your speakers) as well as a value going to the amplitude (between 0 and 1). The oscillator node would then need to be connected to an output node or speaker node to make sound to the ipad speakers.

    The best thing to do will be to start digging into more of the tutorial youtube videos to keeping letting the language of Audulus seep in. Good luck!
  • Thanks for the reply! I actually saw the organ osc in the modules ref I'll check out more vids!!
  • Gotcha. So nodes are the basic building blocks which can be built into modules like the organ and some of the more complex clocks you are seeing. In the iOs version, if you create a module and then tap on it to select "Open" it will show you the insides of the module which will be a series of different nodes, other modules, or both. If it is a basic node, you will not be able to open it up any further as it is in the basic programming of the visual Audulus language. Nodes can be made into saved modules which can be made into patches which can be shared with the Audulus community here. Nodes -> Modules -> Patches.
  • By the end of the weekend, I'll have that beginning section updated on the website and have this as printable PDF with pictures!

    This should explain a lot of the beginning lessons.
  • Thanks a lot!, been reading docs.audulus and it helped a lot. I'll view the link later. Can't view it here at work..
  • Got a question. I'm not seeing the basic modules (vco, filter) that are on the docs in the main audulus website. I'm on 3.4.2 and some of the modules look different. Am I missing anything?