App Effects
  • I've been working on an app, and I wanted some neat notification sound effects, so naturally, I fired up Audulus and it was just super easy to whip out some classy sounding beeps. This is all of them strung together:

    I tell you what ... It makes me wish there was a way to embed Audulus patches directly into my app. Like, maybe when the web assembly stuff gets standardized ... man, how cool would it be to load up like an audulus patch runner instance and trigger sound effects and modulations from UI events and stuff. I mean ... holy crap that would be awesome for games and stuff. Just a thought there ... in the mean time I guess I'll have to settle for rendering mp3s :-)
    app ringtone.audulus
  • Nice job !
    i would be curious to see the patches
  • @Plurgid, classy patch you got there! When I have a minute I would like to send those through some offboard reverb and delay and make an ambient patch with them.
  • I love the sounds!
  • These are great sounds!

    And yes, we've talked about an SDK for games/apps doing real-time audio stuff. It's something that's a possibility, but as with all things Audulus, we have to gauge the market for it before creating it. It would be a bit of an undertaking (not to mention adding THAT much more support work) but if there's a desire for it, we'll make it!