Thank you forum users!
  • We've had a huge uptick in the number of users, pageviews, comments, and topics in the last couple months.

    We just want to thank you for your interest in Audulus, your participation in the conversations, your help, and your patches.

    These are the top commenters of the last month:

    @biminiroad (me) - 227
    @RobertSyrett - 130
    @stschoen - 71
    @Phal_anx - 22
    @Heiliger_Bimbam - 22
    @Bryan58 - 15
    @eskro - 14
    @SansNom - 14
    @ScooterVagabond - 13
    @Nömak - 13

    As you can see, a majority of the comments are made by just a few people. However, we know we have a lot of lurkers out there too. Don't feel bad if you don't want to participate! Just reading up and downloading the patches makes you an active forum member in my book.

    In the graph below you can see the steady trend upwards in page views over the last year.


    So thanks everyone - I look forward to checking the forum every day to see what new conversation has started or awesome new patch someone has uploaded. You rock!

    How to give Audulus a 5-star review & why you should!
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  • Glad to see the Forum becoming more active. The excellent user community is one reason I enjoy Audulus. It's been fun to learn about modular synthesis from all of you.
  • The YouTube videos and especially the Livestreams have got to be a contributing factor. Many thanks to you, @biminiroad, for that! I bet there will be another surge of interest when we see a significant new update (MIDI out, documented module library, etc). Hint, hint!! And then, of course, we will all update our 5-star reviews to keep them percolating to the top of the list. :-)
  • Man, I really do post a lot on here. I gotta start focusing on quality over quantity.
  • @RobertSyrett - you're always quality in my book!
  • checking the forum every day.. for the eagerly awaited update aswell as for interesting stuff others post.. always nice to learn something new and share my creations from time to time