• would anyone know how to and make the gristilizer as used by throbbing gristle?
  • I think @biminiroad actually makes gristilizers irl, so I would imagine he has some thoughts on the topic.
  • The Gristleizer is basically a tremolo and an auto wah (modulating BPF). And Robert is right, we used to make The Gristleizer, but we've improved on it and rebranded it at Spectravibe:

    Do you know how to make a tremolo/auto wah? The other trick it does is that the bias control shapes the LFO waves, and the FET distorts. Basically those 2 things are its magic.
  • >bias control shapes the LFO waves, and the FET distorts

    Can you model this magic in audulus?
  • i havent got the brain for this sort of thing,i can learn but its gonna take me a very long time lol,using it is no problem,just not a builder i find it very difficult to understand the insides so to speak
  • i work better with visual instructions
  • @Stephen - that's ok! No worries :) I was just wondering how familiar you were with the terminology and/or how to use Audulus. I'll create the basis of this patch soon and show you where you can tweak it. The FET modelling distortion will be harder to get just right, but we can fake it till we make it.
  • i don't really know much,i just wanna run hardware synth into it and guitar,thanks for helping
  • thanks i just grabbed these,i will be a while haha

  • Here's an interesting presentation by the man who designed the gristleizer on how he adapted it to modular. Pretty interesting hearing about the background of the gristleizer and and how he had to change it to make sense in eurorack. Oh yeah, and he name-drops Endangered Audio!
  • Interesting video.