• I'm new to synths and total beginner in building them. Made this synth, which I don't know if it's an add, sub or whatever synth it is. It's really heavy on CPU, so if anyone could help me work on that would be cool. Oh,it's really Messi in d inside but still has some kind of a structure ;p it's fun to play with but it's nothing complicated. And I added a cycle mode that walks through the 5 OSCs...I cut n paste a lot too...hope that's ok,don't wane afend anyone...
    1536 x 2048 - 537K
    2Many OSCs.audulus
  • Oh that's a crazy one. Sounds amazing.

    Not that heavy on CPU side ~35% on 12.9 pro.
  • This is great ChenzenMFK! Welcome to the forum too :)

    It looks to me like it's subtractive synthesis for the most part. Additive synthesis is more when you add many, many sine waves together to create a more harmonically complex sound - that's vs starting with a harmonically complex wave (like saw/square) and subtracting frequencies with a filter.

    And everyone steals from everyone else here! It's no problem, people love it when they see their designs end up in others' work - it's why we share our stuff here :)
  • Yay,tight...so I'm in the right category...thnx guys :) on my iPad Pro 9" 1st gen I'm on 50-60%. Especially when I turn on the effex the sound starts crackling...that's why I put em separate and not inbuilt...

    Is there a way though to turn CPU useag without taking out OSCs?

    Thnx again!!!
  • @ChenzenMFK - you can use Phasor node-based oscillators to save on CPU, but they're also not anti-aliased, so may sound more distorted...
  • Aight,cheers mate...will see how it sounds...
  • a short track i made with this synth...drums and sequencing in beatmaker 3, synths from 2ManyOSCs