Module documentation overhaul coming soon!
  • This week, I am working on documenting all of the 500+ modules that will be coming out in the new update to 3.5. No ETA yet on the released version but probably this month. Many more frequent updates to come - this initial update doesn’t include many of the modules people have made for the uModule collection but don’t worry - they’ll be included as quickly as we can document them and get them in there.

    For builders - it would be helpful if you start to document each of your patches internally node by node to explain what they do and how. You can also write your own module descriptions and credit will be given to you in the online documentation.

    If you don’t want to do this don’t worry - I’ll do it eventually, it will just take longer. The reason for doing it though is so you can passively teach others how your designs work so that they can turn around and make new modules themselves!

    Thanks for your infinite patience with the state of documentation so far - from here on out it will be a brighter future. Any suggestions you have on how to make the documentation better are also always welcome.
  • It’s a massive job! I’ll start working on mine.
  • perhaps a wiki? might make things a bit easier for everyone
  • Excellent idea!
  • @plurgid @stschoen - any suggestions for how to do that? Platform you'd recommend?
  • Here's a link to what I have so far - feel free to comment. What do people think about setting it up on Fandom? It seems like a free service? I know it's more for video games but seems like it might be a good option.
  • Fandom looks possible from what I’ve read. Can’t say I have any experience.
  • I started one at Fandom - I will start contributing there once the module library documentation is done. Please wait to add your own until I get the initial module library up there so we can develop a standard way of creating the articles (I'm thinking fast facts at top, overview, deep dive, further reading - that kind of thing).
  • Sounds good!
  • Got through all modules to controller category, and already on page 20! This will be such great info for everyone. Remember you can preview it and add comments here:
  • Could you post a list of the category folders (and sub-folders). I thought I'd organize mine as I document them and it would be nice to be consistent.
  • @stschoen - they're in the beta that you should have on iOS I think? Unless that was an internal beta that Taylor hasn't released yet
  • No beta since the 3.5 release
  • @stschoen - ok! Here's the library I'm currently working off of
  • up to 34 pages now!
  • @stschoen - went thorugh all the folder, there were some redundancies and misplaced things - this is the corrected one
  • 50 pages now! Looks like it might take until Monday to get all of this written, edited, and formatted. This will certainly balloon like crazy once we start adding more and more modules that people have created for the uModules collection!
  • I got sucked into helping my friend move his art shop, I am afraid I will have to limited time to contribute at this point in time. I appreciate the organization though, and will chip in when I am able.
  • @RobertSyrett - no worries - The new way Taylor structured Audulus allows him to easily push out an update with them without changing the core code whenever new modules are added - it's just an ongoing thing from here on out! :)


    well for now at least. I will try to add a little each day right up to and after the new release comes out.

    Also want to make little i/o and controls charts for each like the nodes documentation has.

    I believe once this gets pushed to the website, there will be a side menu that pops up that is navigateable, so you don't have to just scroll scroll or ctrl+f to find the module you want. If not, I'll add one.

    Have a read, let me know what you think - the grand page total with pictures comes to....drumroll....

    183 pages!

    Here's a PDF version for the hek of it.
  • Wowwww, perfect job Mark! Thanks.