I recently started supporting a few youtubers on patreon and one of the mylarmelodies videos on patreon is on the topic of recreating the DFAM patch on his modular. Naturally I already had the thought that this might be a fun thing to try in Audulus, but watching that video (which I will link to when he makes it public) kind of pushed me over the edge.
  • Here is my recreation of the basic patch. I'm calling it the "Distant Relative of Uncommon Mammillaria" or DRUM. In case you were wondering, mammillaria is a type of cactus, which seems to be the official mascot of the DFAM.


    This is just a prototype and I will be going back to add some graphics and tidy up the layout. There is some divergence from the DFAM, and that is intentional. I decided to make the sequencers and clock external since there are so many interesting generative sequencers in Audulus that embedding two 8-step sequencers seems like a mistake. I am also omitting the patch bay because there is no good way to break a normalized signal path in Audulus and every knob is effectively a patch point anyway. Waveforms are crossfaded instead of switched because it's more fun and the same amount of patching, and I went with the @sansnom moog filter so why not use all it's modes.

    Please let me know if you find anything patched incorrectly beyond that as I am not always the best at deciphering schematics. Of course ANY feedback is welcome :)

    Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.02.55 PM.png
    1413 x 902 - 203K
    DRUM prototype.audulus
    1741 x 1176 - 155K

    I made a little test recording of the DRUM with the DPO accompanying it.
  • sounds great, thank you.