Randomizer Controlled
  • Hello again!

    I like chance and randomization, but I'm also a control freak. Naturally I had to express this paradox with a patch! Introducing: the Randomizer.... Controlled!

    This generates a random value between 0 and 1 and output it from the only output here, labeled "flux" cos I like how that sounds. The current value shows below the output.

    You can use the min and max knobs to range the 0-1 randomness to a narrower range. For example, I like using this on volume controls of various mixer channels, to create little fluctuations, but I might want that to only go between .7 and .8-ish. Note: I did nothing to prevent setting max < min or min > max, but even if you do that, it has the same effect.

    The Hz knob controls the speed at which the random values change.

    The slew limiter control just smooths out the transition. Turn it all the way down to snap between values without a transition.

    Lastly, the off <--> on knob turns the fluctuations off (to the left) or on (to the right). I thought about making this a trigger button instead, but left it as a knob in case anyone wants to modulate it. I find the off functionality useful for freezing on the current random value if I want to tame the chaos a bit.

    I hope someone finds it useful! :)
    Randomizer Controlled.audulus
    Screenshot 2018-01-31 17.39.07.png
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  • Ahh, good old stepped randoms. This is a classic! Very nicely done. The one trick I would recommend is making the slew inversely related to the rate so that you get a smooth random modulation like the old Buchla "Source of Uncertainty." You might also like the uSlew module I made as it has a little bit different character than the library module.

    Cheers and thanks for sharing :)
    Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 12.45.27 AM.png
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    smooth randoms.audulus
  • Thanks, Robert! I had no idea what a stepped random was, so I am learning. Yay! :)

    How would I go about making the slew inversely related to the rate? In that scenario, would I still need a slew knob (ie. wouldn't just the rate pass through an expression and then control the slew behind the scenes)? I'd still want to keep a switch for making it slewless and choppy too (zero slew here).

    I'll check out uSlew too! Thanks again!
  • The idea behind having it set up like that, is the more slew you add the closer the output gets to being a flat line (not so fun). So when the time between steps is shorter, reducing the slew lets that variety in while still taking some of the edge off. If you want to still be able to get the original stepped random, you can mix between the two signals with a crossfade node behind the scenes :)
    Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 8.09.11 PM.png
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  • Very cool stuff, thanks for that tip @RobertSyrett that's a good one - should probably be in its own module! :)
  • And @daveknapik might be cool to have one random generator randomly turning the other one on/off too! :)
  • Thanks for the diagram, demo and suggestions, Robert! I will try to wrap my head around it when I next experiment. Much appreciated!

    Good idea, Bimini! I got carried away and dropped like 5 of these in a synth patch I made the other day for all sorts of (controlled) chaos.
  • Ok, I think this is what you were talking about, Robert. I basically knicked some bits from your post and shoved them into my patch. The Slew: Rate inverse <-> Manual knob crossfades between having the slew controlled by the inverse of the rate VS controlling it with the Slew Limiter knob.

    Thanks again for the guidance, Robert, and encouraging me! :)
    Fancy Randomizer Controlled.audulus
    Screenshot 2018-02-05 19.36.06.png
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  • lol fancy randomizer - love it!
  • Haha, thanks, Bimini. If I could have decorated it with a lace pattern and made the wave display pink, I would have. :) I should have put some lights on it at least.
  • Here ya go, have a light. ;)
    Screenshot 2018-02-06 12.14.24.png
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    Fancier Randomizer Controlled.audulus