How to use the new iOS 11 Files Browser in Audulus 3.5
  • I'll be making a video version of this, but for now, check out the newly updated docs index that gives you a quick rundown on how to use the new browser:
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  • The new file browser is a great step forward. Is there a reason for only displaying the uModules preview when creating a new patch? That had me confused for a moment.
  • @Rudiger - you probably tapped into the uModules folder - it should default open to the uModules folder at top, and the old standby examples beneath it, with the option to create a new patch up at the top. Is that what you're seeing?
  • @biminiroad Yes, but only when creating a new document. It would be nice to be able to access the uModules preview when a patch has already been created and you want to add something to it.
  • @rudger - ah yes I see what you mean - you *can* add things from your iCloud drive? Perhaps that's a solution? Otherwise you can always just do the old copy/paste from one doc to another.
  • @biminiroad Copy/pasting from one doc to another – I thought that's what the new file browser was supposed to solve :-) Adding things from iCloud Drive is OK, but's it's a lot slower. Otherwise the new file browser is a great improvement.

    By the way, when downloading patches from the forum on my iPad, the patches are placed in the On my iPad folder by default. Is there a way to change that? Also when they're in that location changes aren't saved whe closing the patch. The downloaded patches first need to be copied over to iCloud drive before they can be used, and the app almost always crashes when doing that. Normally I only succeed on the 2nd or 3rd try, which is frustrating to say the least. (iOS 11.2.5)

  • @rudiger - you can go to Audulus under Settings menu and change where to store patches - On my ipad or in iCloud. As for copying them over, that's almost certainly an apple's fault bug, not something we can fix at the moment. They're always improving the new Files system but it's got a long way to go.
  • @rudiger when I download from the forum on my iPad, the first thing I do after Audulus opens it is close it again and move it into the directory I want. Then any changes are saved.
  • @biminiroad I do have iCloud Drive slected as my Document Storage location in the options for Audulus in the settings menu. Nevetheless when downloading patches they are labelled as On My iPad in the Audulus recents menu when closing. If I open again from the recents menu and make changes, they aren't saved. Interestingly even though they are labelled ‘On My iPad' in the recents menu, they don't appear in ‘On My iPad’ when shifting to the browser menu.

    @RobertSyrett Yes, that's the way to go.

    I'm aware that this has a lot to do with Apple's Files app. It seems to have improved a lot since iOS 11 first came out (at which point I simply avoided it if I possibly could), but still has some buggy corners it seems. `
  • @Rudiger, The behavior you describe is a result of the way the iOS files app works with document handoff from one app to another. When you download a patch from the Forum using Safari, it is written to temporary storage. When you select open in Audulus 3, a pointer to the temporary file is passed to Audulus. Audulus loads the file into memory. As you edit the patch, changes are made to the copy in memory but not written to copy in temporary storage. When you close the patch, you see a link to the copy in temporary storage listed as "on my iPad" in the recents section, but, although the copy is on the iPad, it's not in the Audulus documents folder. If you kill Audulus, the copy in the temporary cache will be deleted. To prevent this, after downloading the app. close the patch and hold the patch icon until the context menu appears. You can then move the patch either to the local Audulus documents folder or iCloud. It would be possible for Audulus to move the copy from temporary storage to either the local document folder or the one in iCloud before opening the file so perhaps that should be a feature request.
  • @stschoen Thanks for the walkthrough. That gives a nice clear map of what’s going on.
    I have been moving the patches via the context menu since I realized that the changes weren’t being saved, but the app very often crashes at that point – which has me tearing my hair out. Having Audulus automatically move downloads to the iCloud or local document folder would be a nice improvement.

  • It has been almost impossible for me to download patches on my iPad recently. Closing them and then moving them from the Audulus temporary (recent) storage to iCloud Drive using the pop-up context menu almost always crashes and has had me tearing my hair out!

    But then it occurred to me that I could simply use the share sheet directly – i.e. instead of having the download open in Audulus as Safari suggests, I immediately choose to save it to the Files app (iCloud Drive) via the share sheet. Works perfectly.
  • Good idea. I wonder why you're having crashing issues. I haven't had problems on my Air 2. Retested it again today with no problem.