VCV open source modular
  • Just noticed this today:

    If it's truly open, and lives up to the standards on the marked (Audulus, Blocks etc), it might have been nice to see Audulus working with it somehow!

    Edit: here's the source-code for those interested
  • i hope it sounds as good as it looks.. will give it a try in september :D
  • This looks really cool! @taylor check out the source ;|0
  • VCV beta actually released today. Windows version works relatively fine, the whole system is rather interesting.
  • tested it today aswell... already got some sounds recorded for some of my next tracks :D
  • Taylor said he looked at the code and you could actually port the whole software into Audulus lol - he said he wouldn't do it since it would be a bit of a dick move, but would be fun to have those Mutable Instruments modules in Audulus! Maybe someone can just start making them as clones :)
  • Dick move? That's what open source is all about. There is no such thing as competition, just creativity cascading upon itself.
  • @RobertSyrett true, but one thing that wouldn't work is you couldn't modulate any of the knobs like you can in Audulus - they'd basically be plugins, and at that point, might as well just spend the time developing plugin hosting instead. Not sure if the CVs would pass though, hmmm...