Focusrite iTrack pocket on sale on Amazon for $9.99 !!!
  • I don't know if this is a mistake or not, but this morning Amazon has a Focurite iTrack Pocket on sale for $9.99. I paid $99.00 for mine. The iTrack pocket is a digital audio interface for iOS. It has a pair of high quality stereo mics built in and a 1/4" instrument input. When you use the instrument input it replaces the left mic. Instrument input will also accept line level signals. It comes with short micro-usb to lightning cable, but I use an apple camera adaptor and micro-usb to USB cable so I can power my iPad while using the interface. It's designed primarily for the iPhone and will hold an iPhone at an angle for video recording, but I mostly use mine with my iPad. Works great with Audulus! I'm thinking this is a mistake on Amazon's part, so if you want one you better act quickly.
  • Wow, thanks for the heads up man! I just picked one up and got even more savings with Prime. What a steal. I already have the Focusrite iTrack dock I use with my iPad and love it, but am always looking for more ways to record or track.
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  • Hard to beat for eight bucks!
  • Welp, I went for it also!