• so this will be the last time i asked if windows users will get an update... its beeing months since mac users got their update.. i heard/read a while ago that audulus 4 is planned to be out in the beginning of 2018, its just cruel to let ios/mac user work with an up-to-date software while linux/windows user have to wait that a new version (v4) comes out to get those updates but only if the buy it again for almost 50 euo..
  • Taylor will circle back to Audulus Windows when he's finished with this new app he's making - it's taking up pretty much all of his time at the moment. He didn't intend for it to be so long between updates for Mac and Windows, it just sorta got away from him as he realized he had to spend all his time on this new app if he wanted to get it out before Christmas (which is financially necessary, and will be better in the long term for the health of Audulus).

    And no, Audulus 4 is not going to be out at the beginning of 2018 - we haven't even finished with all the updates that Audulus 3 is going to get - MIDI out, update to the plugin, the new thousand module update - and since Audulus 4 is going to be such a huge upgrade, it will likely be more like summer of next year when it comes out.

    I will argue that no app has as many and as large updates as we do! Even if they're a little slower for Windows (remember it's just one person coding - so he has to code it first in iOS, then in Mac, then in Windows - it's not just a copy/paste job).

    Also, please you and everyone who reads this - don't think about buying Audulus 4 as "buying Audulus again." You're not buying the same program when you buy an upgrade - you're buying the thousands and thousands of hours of programming, beta testing, and experimentation that leads to many, many new features and funds future updates as well! :)

    Oh, and just so we're clear, you're not going to have to buy Audulus 4 to get the same updates that Mac users get for Audulus 3.
  • You've mentioned Taylor's new app a couple of times, but I don't recall seeing or hearing any teasers (hint, hint.....) Before Christmas? What joy is Santa bringing????? :-)
  • @Bryan58 - it's not a music app unfortunately, but he does have a really cool music app due out sometime next year! This one is still in the area of creative arts though :)
  • of course its buying it again .. even if there are new features its still audulus + if i spend money on it its buying it again... you can call it support if feel better that way LOL
    "a little slower" are you kidding me? more than 6 months isnt a little slower.. ok i m gone thats a joke
  • @Phal_anx - Taylor expected this app to be done months ago, and it wasn’t in his plan to delay the Windows update so much. Hopefully you can understand it’s not deliberate, and furthermore, when this new app comes out, there will be a lot more money freed up for Audulus development, including help keeping the Windows version at parity.

    It’s simply not buying it again though - you’re buying new features which require money to develop. Audulus 2 to 3 was actually from the ground up an entirely different app written in a new language, so you were literally buying an entirely new program.

    Buying Audulus again would be you buying the same copy of Audulus 3 with the same features.

    I’m sorry but I just fundamentally disagree - it’s like saying paying to upgrade to Live 10 is buying Live again - it’s not, you’re buying a new, different version. Semantically sure you’re buying a program called “Live” again, but they’re not the same programs.

    My point ultimately is that you’re not going to miss out on anything that iOS and Mac have gotten - it just takes a little longer since everything can’t be coded all at the same time. You incorrectly assumed that Audulus 4 would be coming out before these updates came to Windows also, and much sooner than it actually is.

    This can change depending on how much money the new app brings in - we could possibly hire a person dedicated to porting everything to Windows as their only job, which would make it faster.

    It’s unfortunate it’s taken so long but it’s unfair not to consider the facts of development for small companies and how there are only so many hours in a day to do any one thing. I hope you understand it’s not that Taylor takes Windows users for granted, and assume it’s not on his mind, he just can’t afford to miss the holiday sale season for the debut of this new app, which as I said will ultimately be better for everyone on all platforms.

    I hope that makes sense and seems as fair as possible - after all, what would be the point of not updating for Windows if there wasnt a good reason? Why would we want to make people like you angry? That’s not our goal at all :)
  • I think @Phal_anx has a valid point, the plug-in and the windows version are in dire need of an update and further delays come across as a bit antagonistic regardless of how they are justified. I would like to think that the new app @Taylor is working on will be worth the delay, but waiting is hard when it feels like a promise has been broken.

    Truly working in a commercial environment is a curse as much as a blessing. If Audulus were open source, users could update and share Audulus across platforms much more easily but it would compete for intellectual space with Pd and Taylor would need a day job. As a commercial venture, the best Taylor can hope for aside from diversifying the apps in his care, is that a larger company buys Audulus and they can provide staff to develop and support. This is actually what happened with David Zicarelli when he sold sold Max to Ableton, he can now afford to send his son to college and has permanent staff for the first time ever.

    But as a consumer I can't do either of those things. I just buy all the versions and hope the license motivates @Taylor. I'd even buy Audulus as a christmas gift if the current paradigm of software distribution make that radically inconvenient. I love audulus for my modular, but my windows version hasn't been touched since the multiple i/o update because of how much of an improvement it was.

    At this point, I have tried all the patchers and Audulus is definitely right up there in so many key ways with Max, Pd, and Reaktor. What I would like for Christmas would for artists like @Phal_anx to be able to make Hi-Tek dance music using modules that we have been making lately with crazy svg graphics and modulation designs.
  • I've been reading in the various forums,including the above,about the state of the Windows version.
    My question is:should I buy Audulus for Windows at this time?