Delayed Trigger Module
  • I needed a way to send triggers to my modular (via an es-8) to send one off cues to enable various bits of the patch. Maybe there's an easier way to do this or a pre-existing module that I haven't found yet, but I created this delayed one-shot module to fill my need for now. This allows for much longer delays than the standard delay node (and I expect uses far fewer resources)

    The usage pattern is essentially you hold 'reset' high until your patch 'starts' and then the patch delays for the specified number of seconds. After the specified delay, the 'trigger' output goes high. Toggling 'repeat' causes the patch to ... well repeat.
    Delayed One Shot.PNG
    1026 x 800 - 25K
    Delayed Trigger.audulus
  • Another useful module for setting up a performance patch. I especially like the countdown on the repeat function. The module did get wider when the length of time was an odd number, so I used the rounding expression you had used elsewhere. Thank you very much!
    Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 7.18.18 PM.png
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  • Thanks! I like how you use the value node instead of the knob - much less fiddly than doing the "right-click, set value" i was doing with the knobs. Still getting used to audulus UI conventions :)
  • Yes, you use it in interesting way. This is good that I found this method here