Complete Audulus Newbie
  • Hello!

    So I just bought Audulus because I think it will get me more understanding of modular synthesis. I have the Mac version (don't have an iPad). I watched some beginners tutorials and some getting started things. So I thought the best way to start making some sound is to load an already made patch by someone. I downloaded some patches that are awesome to play with, but I wanted to make something simple myself still with some modules. But.... Am I missing something or is the modules content not complete... For instance I can't find the oscillator module, the four voice synth module. Sure I can find the oscillator node and all but I want to start connecting some modules first. Sorry for this newbie rookie question but I can't find it on this forum at all. Its starting to dazzle right now...
    After some further research here on the forum I found out that some modules are not there anymore after further updates of Audulus. I found a patch that recreated the basic VCO. Thanks! I will have more questions in the near future, so I will come back to you! For now its happy patching!
  • What always works for me: take a module, wire a value node to its output and a knob to its input. Then turn the knob and watch what's happening.
  • Hey there! I'm going to be doing an ultra beginner modular synthesis lesson tomorrow, July 20th, at 6pm EST as a livestream. You can either come and ask questions as I teach people, or you can just watch the archived stream when I post it here.


    PS: Many of the old patches are here: - long story short, the module library was created before some standards were established, and I'm still going back to redo all the documentation for everything :)
  • Oh that livestream sounds great! I definitely want to watch that. But unfortunately I can't see it live (I am in another inconvenient timezone) but if its available after the stream is done I will watch it the next morning.

    By the way, I am happy with Audulus and I am learning a lot from the already made patches from everyone. Thanks!
  • @YloopZ - what would be a good time for you to watch in your timezone? I'll do a part 2 on modular synthesis during that time :) Glad you're liking Audulus!
  • @biminiroad Thanks. I am gonna watch your stream now. I am located in Amsterdam so that is GMT (+2.00)