Exponential ADSR?
  • The default ADSR node outputs a linear envelope. Multiplying the output by itself makes the slopes exponential, but also affects the sustain level (since you're multiplying the node's entire output rather than just the A, D, and R rates directly) which is obviously a problem.

    Is there another creative way to make this node's output exponential? If not, is there some other way to get an exponential envelope in Audulus, or else a module that already exists?

  • Short answer:
    You multiply the envelope output by itself.

    Long answer:
    There are a lot of alternative envelopes in Audulus, what would be your ideal envelope?
  • I already tried multiplying the ADSR output by itself, but as I described in my first post, this also affects the sustain level. So the only time multiplying the ADSR output by itself would work seems to be for AR envelopes. Unless I'm missing something simple...
  • The sustain is still there. The scaling on my eurorack exponential vca does exactly the same thing to envelopes. You just have to turn the knob up higher.

    That being said, you want linear scaling on just the sustain? I think I have a fix for you.

    You invert the scaling on the sustain knob so that it becomes more logarithmic so it remains constant as the rest of the segments become curved.
    adjustable envelope.audulus
  • Sweet! This is definitely in the right direction. Seems like the "curve" module is the trick; I was unaware of that module.

    Words like "logarithmic" generally scare me lol, but I'll do my best to study this patch for some takeaways. Thanks!
  • The curve module is hidden in the knob modify module, which is under math>knobs. TOP SECRET!


    Your "under math>knobs" comment suggests you're talking about the dropdowns I've seen in videos demoing the desktop version of Audulus, but I use the iOS version exclusively. Is there some similarly clean way to search the module/node browser in the iOS version?

    For now, it just seems like there are only two options for finding what you want: (1) tags (which I def like but they're a crapshoot since lots of things are untagged), or (2) simply crate-digging through the entire unalphabetized library in hopes of finding what you want.

    Neither option works well for me, so I just end up re-using the same nodes/modules simply b/c I know I can find them quickly. This makes me feel like I'm utilizing only 1% of Audulus' capabilities (example: bumbling around w/o the "curve" module).

    So is there some other way to search that I haven't discovered yet? If not, TEXT SEARCH PLEASE!!!
  • I think Text search is coming in one of the next updates. It's something pretty much everyone wants. Even when you have the drop down menus it's a hassle to go through five different menus to get to a via, during which time it's almost simpler to make your own via. For what it's worth, you can find the knob mod module under the "math" tag in the middle filed under k. The funny part is I almost never use the knob mod module, i just open it up, copy the curve module, and delete the knob mod.
  • You might also enjoy this envelope! What's unique about this one is that the shape control fades between linear and exponential, but the exponential setting auto-compensates for loss in the sustain value, so you get a more consistent sustain level as you sweep the shape knob.

  • "So is there some other way to search that I haven't discovered yet? If not, TEXT SEARCH PLEASE!!!"

    Text search is coming at some point - if you're on a computer, you can use your system's search function.

    Logarithmic is just the inverse of exponential, nothing to it!
  • Just seeing these last two replies now.

    > You might also enjoy this envelope!

    OMG that looks like an amazing and elegant solution to all my problems. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks!!
  • @themagicalkamja - you should download the forum patch repository, there's that one and a bunch more in it!