Audulus + iPhone 7 Plus
  • My iPhone 5 is crapping out on me, so I'm getting a 7 plus. Pretty psyched to use Audulus with it - will also make for better photos/videos for livestream and whatnot.

    Anyone out there using Audulus with a 7 plus? I bet you can run some pretty huge patches with it. REALLY excited for more screen space - I might actually go back to making patches on iPhone while I'm out and about on it rather than bringing along my iPad to the cafe.
  • Yes iPhone 7+ here. It's a beast, but I wish I could use my Apple Pencil with it. This would be a game Changer.

    Performance is great. 40-42% CPU with the vMS20 filter demo patch.
    2208 x 1242 - 449K
  • Not apple pencil compatible??? That's nuts. But that's awesome to see, man my Mac Mini runs at like 30% with that patch!