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    Recently I have really been enjoying the sound of this simple inexpensive triangle core oscillator and thought I would make a version for Audulus. The Noise Reap version has a "SELF-MOD" that can slightly change the waveshape, but it's a velocity sensitive effect so I have opted for the more achievable standard shape knob. The 1/oct input takes the frequency knob setting as it's reference pitch, so you can use the oscillator as pitch-tracking modulation source. If you just want it to be in tune, set the frequency knob's value to .632455.
    Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 1.43.46 PM.png
    1111 x 400 - 89K
  • OK, you've convinced me. I love the graphics. I assume you're importing the text as curves. I couldn't get plain text to work with SVG. (the oscillator is pretty cool too!). If you wanted something velocity sensitive you can alway modulate the shape knob with a midi gate signal.
  • Yep, I had to convert to curves, which is why the holes in the "B" and "R," etc., are filled in. I tried to add the no fill curves to create negative space, but I'm afraid that my illustrator skills are a bit rusty at this point, so I just went with the flow and accepted the aesthetic.

    I should have put a link to the original module, Bermuda in the first post, but I'll do that here:

    You can see where the design comes from and that page also has video reference for the shape modulation. You can really see in the sine wave video that they don't create pure sine waves but rather sculpt the triangle, so that's how I proceed with Bahama. It's a subtle sound, but sometimes that's what you want.
  • I didn't really notice the missing "holes" in Bahama. I think you could make black shapes in Illustrator to fill them in, but I don't believe any sort of transparency will work. I was thinking you could lasso the hole and then create a new curve and fill it with black (or whatever your background is). I envy you guys that actually have modular hardware, I got into Audulus mostly because I always wanted a modular but could never justify the price. I remember when the Moog first came out, I was just blown away. (really old rock musician retired from a day gig as a computer engineer in case you're wondering)
  • @stschoen You're retired? That's the perfect time to blow all your savings on modules! ;)

    I resisted the urge to go actual modular for a long time (I had some moogerfoogers and synths before) until I was hit by a car while out riding my bike. I figured that since life was short, I should do that thing I always wanted to do but could never justify. I've really enjoyed it so far, but I am noticeably poorer as a result. Fortunately a bermuda oscillator s like $65, which is cheap any way you look at it. It may be missing a saw wave and sync input, but it sounds nice and is an extra oscillator. All the same, I can definitely respect your point of view, not acquiring stuff is all sorts of good.
  • I've got too much stuff already, but I'm always open to more (assuming I can find the space). That's an insanely low price for a module at least compared to the others I've seen. My epiphany came when I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Fortunately it's very treatable and I think I'm past it now, but I know exactly what you mean. Music has always been my passion and I have to admit that I've indulged myself since I realized that you're only here for a short time. Amazing how your perspective changes.
  • Love this!!

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